Training & Development: helping people thrive.

For over 100 years MACNY has been providing its members with training and development support to help their businesses and employees thrive. Our portfolio of trainers have a vast range of expertise in many areas such as leadership training, goal setting, executive development, strategy, compliance, safety, lean manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and program management, metallurgy and more.

MACNY offers curriculum-based learning in the following areas:

  • – Leadership
  • – Compliance
  • – Human Resources
  • – Lean Manufacturing
  • – Personal Growth
  • – Safety
  • – Sales and Program Management

Meet the Training & Development Team.

David Freund

David Freund

Chief Leadership Officer, MACNY

[email protected]
315-474-4201 ext. 20

David has been offering leadership and professional development training to MACNY members for over 20 years. David is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach and Trainer and has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing.

Areas of Expertise: Executive coaching, leadership training and development, mastermind facilitation, and goal setting.

Cindy Oehmigen

Cindy Oehmigen

Director of Energy & Corporate Services, MACNY

[email protected]
315-474-4201 ext. 14

Cindy has led implementation teams in the Shin Jujitsu approach to lean manufacturing, lean plant layout, and lean product development.

Areas of Expertise: guiding companies through change, creating team environments, reducing cost, developing team potential, and lean manufacturing.

Jim Beckman

Jim Beckman

Senior Consultant, MACNY

[email protected]

As a former board member and Chairman of MACNY’s board, Jim has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, materials engineering, sales, and marketing to share with MACNY members. Jim offers training in metallurgy and consulting in manufacturing leadership.

Areas of Expertise: Materials engineering, leadership in manufacturing.

Laura Thorne

Laura Thorne

Strategy and Execution Consultant, Laura Thorne Consulting

Laura has been managing and leading programs in various industries for over 25 years. She has a background in environmental science, programming, and business excellence. She uses a framework and approach to leadership she created, called The Role Model Way™, as the basis of her consulting.

Areas of Expertise: Engaging workshops, coaching and mentorship, strategic facilitation, and organizational performance evaluations.

Learn more about Laura’s partnership with MACNY at