Connect your students to industry.

At Partners for Education & Business, we take pride in connecting our school partners and local educators with professional development opportunities and resources for students. Our team recognizes the logistical and systemic barriers. Let us be the intermediary in finding creative ways to engage with local companies and infusing skills for the future workplace into your classroom.



Do you want to create excitement in the classroom through real-world applications? Let us be the connector between industry, you, and your students. Our team takes pride in facilitating guest speaking events, design challenges with companies, job shadows and more! Learn about how we partner with local schools and the many opportunities we engage employers through career readiness programming.



We know there are many scholarship opportunities available to students, but the CNY STEM Scholarship Program is one you won’t want your students to miss out on! Designed in conjunction with PEB and the CNY STEM Hub, these scholarships are provided by local companies in support of CNY high school seniors who plan to pursue a college degree in a STEM-related field, with the hope of keeping our hometown talent local after college graduation. Recipients will have the opportunity to intern with the sponsoring company.



Did you know that the first Friday in October is National Manufacturing Day? Manufacturing is all around us, especially here in Central New York. Join us as our team celebrates all month long! Manufacturing is not about the old dirty factories of the past. Companies open their doors to you and your students to spark an interest in modern-day, high-tech manufacturing careers and to learn about the great products you didn’t know were made locally.



The CNY STEM Hub is co-chaired by PEB and is focused on impacting students in the classroom by connecting business, higher education, community organizations, and PK-12 schools to design, develop and demonstrate innovative, sustainable, and transferable STEM learning experiences.



Are you looking to gain a better understanding of the STEM career pathways available here in our CNY community? Join other CNY education professionals for an Educator in the Workplace event. We will tour a local company, learn about the necessary skills for the emerging workforce, and discover how you can use this information to empower students to explore exciting career pathways. These opportunities are open to teachers, administrators, and school counselors.



Do you know who the future entrepreneurs are in your classroom? The CNY Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for your students to develop unique products or services and develop entrepreneurial skills. This Shark Tank like pitch competition is open to all CNY students in grades 6-12. Learn how your students can participate and win cash prizes.