Closing the skills gap together.

The mission of MACNY’s Workforce Development team is to attract and prepare individuals for rewarding careers in New York State through strategic collaborations that strengthen our economic infrastructure.


Knowing that our mission’s success depended upon our connections, we recognized that a partnership with Central New York School Boards Association would be key. The Central New York School Boards Association provides information, events, and training to school board members and others who we trust to oversee the success of our public schools.

Together, we work to amplify the message that a New York State high school graduate need not leave the region to find a great career. Our manufacturing and business partners seek these graduates to fill positions that offer sustainable employment. In 2017, the Central New York School Boards Association officially became an affiliate of MACNY. Our missions and goals aligned to ensure that our public schools are supported by local employers in the task of preparing our children with skills needed for 21st-century careers, right here in New York State.


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As the manufacturing sector in Central New York continues to strengthen, trained workers are needed now more than ever. Add in the retirement of many life-long skilled workers, and you’ll land on the skills gap that MACNY and the Central New York School Boards Association are diligently working to fill.

The next concern to address: many local high school graduates are leaving the area to find work, despite the opportunities for people with 21st century technical skills, leaving many great jobs in manufacturing and technology unfilled.

With this in mind, MACNY and the Central New York School Boards Association have collaborated to place students from local school districts on track for the existing jobs in our area to keep the talent pool here. This aligned with parents and school counselors who felt that the top priority of this affiliation was to address the question: how do we keep our kids here in Central New York?

Here’s how we’re closing the skills gap and keeping our talent local:

STEM Initiatives

CNYSBA collaborates with MACNY to promote STEM Education and Career Exploration activities for all CNY students beginning as early as kindergarten. The active involvement of MACNY’s member manufacturers and businesses means that local school children are afforded opportunities for solid careers right here in New York State.

Apprenticeship Programs

The CNYSBA/MACNY affiliation leverages an extensive school board network to promote vital workforce development initiatives, among them apprenticeship, the original “earn-while-you-learn” training program. MACNY currently sponsors over 18 different NYSDOL-registered apprenticeship programs in advanced manufacturing and IT, supporting both youth and adults.

Re-imagining College

Is a 4-year degree the only path to achieving a satisfying, rewarding career? We’re here to help students, parents, school counselors, and the business community explore all the ways in which we can prepare our children for opportunities that match their individual desires, strengths, and interests.

Keeping Our Graduates Here

With solid career opportunities in Central New York, our young adults don’t need to move. Our local manufacturers and businesses continually search for qualified candidates, and are ready to train them in prosperous, growing career fields.

Developing a Skilled Workforce

Workforce development is not only important for our children’s futures; it is vital to sustain our local economy. It will rejuvenate CNY as a great place to live, work and compete in a global market.

Sharing Information

We’re bringing together key stakeholders (educators, business leaders, program developers, and students) for workshops to increase the understanding of ways in which they are instrumental in addressing the skills gap, and hopefully, to solve the problem.

Contact Eileen Donovan at MACNY to learn more

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