Connect your students to industry.

Do you want to create excitement in the classroom through real-world applications? Let us be the connector between industry, you, and your students. Our team takes pride in facilitating guest speaking events, design challenges with companies, job shadows and more! Learn about the many opportunities we engage employers through career readiness programming.



Looking for an opportunity for your students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to solve real-world problems? We can arrange opportunities that allow students to use their problem-solving skills in career-related challenges.  Companies are invited to bring a design challenge to your school, but we also work with you to implement program-specific curriculum, designed to incorporate what students are learning in the classroom into hands-on activities.



Do your students know what it means to be career ready? No two career paths are the same and we support students as they charter their own journey. We believe that career exploration is a first step as they begin planning for their futures.  We aim to expose students to a wide variety of career options, the paths to get there, and the necessary skills to succeed. We also bring in local professionals to work with students on their resumes and conduct mock interviews.  We have direct lines to many local employers and utilize their feedback on what skills, both hard and soft, are needed for tomorrow’s workforce.



Help your students explore exciting careers with local companies! We coordinate guest speakers from industry to visit your classroom to share about the service or product their company provides and the day-to-day activities of their specific occupation. Guest speakers can also address the application of academics and soft skills in a real-world context.



Looking to get your students out of the classroom and into the workplace? We collaborate with companies to coordinate workplace tours. Your students will learn about a local company, meet with employees, and ask questions. Workplace tours are a great opportunity for both students and teachers to learn from industry about the necessary characteristics and skills for our future workforce!



Do your students want a personalized experience in exploring a career? Job shadowing gives students a first-hand look into a specific role or industry based on their interests and goals. Ideally, students are paired with a professional for several hours or a few days. This is a great step for a student who may want to pursue a specific career, and it can open the door to internships or employment opportunities.



We know that most students learn best through hands-on experiences. Internships are the ultimate way to test out a profession, apply classroom knowledge, and learn how to work in a professional setting. Through our connections with industry, we facilitate experiences with each student’s situation and needs in mind. We also maintain channels of communication throughout the internship to serve as an intermediary.