Engage with your future workforce.

Are you interested in engaging your workforce of tomorrow? Let us be the connector between you and local educators and students. We know that you understand what your company needs the best, so we look to you to help us shape your future employees into what you need. Learn more about ways to engage with students today!



Do you want your future employees to be more career-ready? We know that you are the experts in what your company needs from its workforce. These activities provide the opportunity to connect with your future employees and offer feedback on what you are looking for in a successful job candidate. These opportunities include helping students develop and deliver their elevator pitches, working with students on their resumes, and conducting mock interviews. We look to you, the local employers, for what technical and soft skills are needed for tomorrow’s workforce.



Looking for an opportunity to do a fun, hands-on activity related to your career field? We can connect you with students for career-related challenges. You are invited to bring a design challenge to a school, but we also work with educators to implement program-specific curriculum, where you can jump in and provide guidance to students as they work through the activity. These activities come in all shapes and sizes and depend on the career field.



Do you have a story you want to share with the future workforce? Let us help you get in front of the classroom to tell students about your unique career path and life experiences. It also provides you a platform to educate youth about your company and industry. Students crave the personal connection these opportunities create. Your story could be the one that inspires students to pursue their passion and spark interest in a career with your company!



Are you eager to show students what your company is all about? Workplace tours are one of the most effective ways to engage students and ignite their interest. It is one thing to talk about your work, it is another to see it in action. Let us help you connect with early college high school programs who are always eager to get out of the classroom and experience the workplace. Opening your doors to the future workforce fosters their interest in pursuing other opportunities with your company. Make your company known by partnering with us and getting students excited to learn more!



Do you want to show students what it is really like to work in your company? Job shadowing gives employers the opportunity to provide students with a first-hand look into a specific role or industry. It is also a helpful recruiting tool to see whether a student would be a potential fit for a job or internship. Ideally, students are paired with a professional for several hours or a few days. We seek to match students and employers based on their goals, availability, and requirements.



Do you want the opportunity to see if a student is a right fit for your organization? Internships are a great way to identify whether an individual has the necessary technical and transferable skills for a position. Through our school partnerships, we provide a direct line to candidates. In addition, we facilitate experiences tailored to each employer’s needs and recruitment requirements. Our approach also includes maintaining channels of communication throughout the internship to serve as an intermediary. Let us help you build an internship opportunity that fits your company’s goals for a successful experience.