October is Manufacturing Month!

MFG Day is a national effort led by the Manufacturing Institute encouraging companies to open their doors to students, parents, educators, and community leaders. It is an opportunity for manufacturers to open their doors to provide tours of their facilities to educators and students. Employers can showcase their innovative technology, demonstrate how local products are made, and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in manufacturing.


Future Women in STEM at The MOST

October – March

Come explore careers in engineering, manufacturing, and science with amazing women that work in these industries!

This series is targeted towards girls in grades 6-8, where female professionals from local companies will lead students in a fun, hands-on activity together to spark interest in these high-tech careers. A free lunch for students and free admission to the MOST (student and their family) will be provided.

Click here to view the full October – March agenda.

The next event in this series is being held on Saturday, November 19. Learn more about technology in a healthcare setting! Sign up to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the area’s largest hospital manages their IMT department!

Women from the Upstate Information Management & Technology team will lead a variety of activities so participants can see the wide variety of their work. This includes marketing and designing a brochure, as well as an interactive activity about creating resources for staff.


Thank you to Gear Motions, WestRock, Knowles Precision Devices, and Schneider Packaging Equipment for hosting local students and educators for this year’s Manufacturing Day on October 7!

WestRock – Solvay Mill

Friday, October 7

Ever wonder who makes the box your pizza gets delivered in? Central New York students recently got an up-close look at how boxes and other packaging is made locally.

Gear Motions – Solvay

Friday, October 7

Next time you’re at the airport waiting for your suitcase to glide up to you on the conveyor belt, think about the gears that make it happen. Gear Motions makes these high precision components for lots of other uses too – including aerospace, automotive, and printing applications, just to name a few.

Knowles Precision Devices – Cazenovia

Friday, October 7

Radar, pacemakers, MRI equipment, satellites, airplanes, electric vehicles, and mobile phone base stations are just a few of the places you’ll find Knowles Precision Devices, from 8,000 feet underground to over 250 miles above us, orbiting the Earth.

Schneider Packaging – Brewerton

Friday, October 7

In April of 1970, America celebrated its first-ever Earth Day. You know what else happened that year? Schneider Packaging was founded! Over 50 years later, they’re still designing state-of-the-art machinery for customers in food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care, and paper industries.

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