On May 24, the Auburn P-TECH program had their end of the year celebration for their volunteer Career Coaches.  The Career Coaches provided an important aspect of the P-TECH program by coaching the P-TECH students in professionalism and other workplace skills.  Students learned to refine their soft skills, develop their organization of thought, determine processes to use for designing projects, and incorporate other team members’ ideas. Feedback was also a valuable source of learning for the students as the Career Coaches would give an assessment of what the students did well, what didn’t go well, and what changes the students should incorporate to improve the activity.

The students gave the Career Coaches gifts to show their appreciation for the time and effort spent with them during the year.  The 10th grade students made personalized window stickers to give to their mentors and the 9th grade class gave personalized laser engraved plaques.   This last meeting of the year was an opportunity for the Career Coaches to talk with the students about the growth they’ve witnessed, and for the students to get to know their mentors more – both personally and professionally.  Thank you very much Auburn P-TECH Career Coaches for helping make this year a success!