The Post-Pandemic Future
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

It’s now time to develop your post-pandemic future! Why now? Because the COVID-19 Crisis, although not over yet, has created a radically different world. And, if you don’t prepare for your future, it will be given to you anyway. It is better to have some control over your future. It is coming whether you want it to or not!

What are the key drivers of the post-pandemic world? What trends must you be aware of so you can seek opportunities now available to you? Today I will share three critical changes in our post-pandemic world that you need to consider related to technological advancements, pandemic habits and their related impact, and work environment changes.

Technology advancements in our lives and workplaces have changed us forever. Advancements in connectivity and the internet of things have created a different life. This was happening before COVID-19 but has been accelerated because the virus caused us to act. The Crisis focused our attention on ways to use technology to accomplish what we wanted in our lives. For example, we significantly increased online shopping options to buy our groceries, order food for delivery or pick-up, and buy most of our household and work items without setting foot in a physical location. The combination of available virtual tools and their wide use change how we conduct meetings, manage our operations, and attend events and training. Digital tools are just one of the technological advances accelerating. Dozens of connected technologies are also rapidly changing what is possible in our lives.

Pandemic habits and the stress of the pandemic have changed us all. A crisis can radically change how we interact with others. This pandemic has done just that. What has changed? Individuals are more conscious about interacting with others. This has modified our activity and spending habits – likely permanently. When we are forced to live with the impacts of a pandemic, we change our behaviors. We use available technology to modify our behavior. As leaders, we should not just expect people to return to their pre-pandemic ways. Many habits used during the last two years are here to stay. New awareness will also change the way we see the world and interact with it. What new habits and views have you noticed? Are you adjusting and adapting to them? It’s time to do so.

Workers and what they want from their jobs and work environments have changed forever. At MACNY, we see this in so many ways. The pandemic has changed who is working, why they work, and what they want at work. We all know how difficult it is to hire the skilled workers needed. Organizations will need to respond by finding employees who can be hired and encouraged to skill into their jobs and future careers. Older workers have also indicated they want to work differently, and many want to stay beyond the typical retirement age. However, they want work to meet their needs. Leaders will need to allow options, with desired benefits, for older workers who wish to scale back but still work. Many innovative companies are experimenting with ways to keep skilled and wise workers at work for them. Now is the time to evaluate if your work environment is an attractor or detractor for the current talent pool.

So much has changed in our lives – including our workplaces. What are you noticing? How are you responding? What do you want out of the future? I welcome your insights and questions. Please e-mail me directly at [email protected]. We are at the dawn of an exciting and challenging inflection point. Together we can learn what will work and offer the best chances for success. This has always been the power of MACNY and its members!