Who is Controlling Whom?
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

We are now almost two months into 2019. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year? According to a survey I recently saw, only 64 percent of resolutions last beyond the first month, and only 46 percent last longer than six months. What’s even worse is that only 14 percent of people over age 50 achieve their resolutions. Now that’s upsetting! We find so many excuses as to why we can’t achieve our goals or resolutions. Gold’s Gym used the acronym CLIFF to identify why:

C-Can’t find the time.

L-Lacking a game plan to keep going.

I-Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns.

F-Frustrated with a lack of early results.

F-Forgetting why you started.

Are these reasons valid? I suppose you could say they are since people use them, but they are simply excuses. Remember two weeks ago when I wrote about self-limiting beliefs? Many of the reasons we don’t stay true to our plans are that we give in to those self-limiting beliefs. We allow our minds to argue for what we don’t want instead of arguing for what we do want. Can’t find the time? That’s a self-limiting belief. If we are honest with our self, we need to admit that we prioritized something over working out, reading a book, or studying. It all starts with our thoughts. Remember the path: thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become actions. If we haven’t stayed on course, we need to go back to our thoughts. We need to add new beliefs to our thought life. We need to clearly define what we want and see the desired state. Start acting as if you are the person you want to become, and the resources and stamina will fall into place.

Who is controlling whom? Is the old you controlling the you that you want to become? Marisa and I will take a deeper look into how we can shift our mindset on Episode 89 of The Next Page.

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