Your World Continues To Change
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

With each passing day, nearly everything continues to change. Our economy, U.S. manufacturing, our communities, our country, and the world. Nothing is the same as it was. It is at least incrementally different. And this is what can escape our notice. We think it is the same even though it certainly is not.

As a leader, what does this require of us? We need to identify what is different and respond accordingly. Becoming nostalgic about the past can actually hurt our ability to adjust to our new reality. The “good old days” can keep us from taking advantage of what has become of our businesses and our economic opportunities. Today is the only reality we can work with to thrive.

Manufacturing opportunities today are very different than before the pandemic. The economy, which was on a roll with the longest economic expansion in modern history, was interrupted by the pandemic. However, the economy rebounded rapidly. Many MACNY members tell me they expect a very good year – for some, the best year ever. Growth, despite continued challenges, is occurring. Lessons learned during the pandemic and after are allowing us to move forward. The resilience of U.S. manufacturing has been demonstrated. This new reality changes the dynamic of what is to come.

At MACNY, we have seen this new reality in our members and our team. We are in growth mode, offering new services (alongside our familiar services) virtually, hybrid, and in person. Our capacity to assist you is growing dramatically. We are still adjusting, but what we can now do is quite amazing. We have reached and served more people in the last 12 months than we have ever annually served. This year, we expect to exceed that service level with new services and outcomes, especially in the area of talent development. Please check our website at or contact our team members to learn more about what is available to you. You can also attend an upcoming Maximize Your Membership session to see all that is available. Contact Justyna at [email protected] to sign up for an upcoming in-person or virtual session.

Also, your company is likely much more resilient than before the pandemic and the recovery. You and your team learned skills and demonstrated capacities that were unrealized. As the popular saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” We have all professionally and personally been challenged by the last few years. It has changed us. It has changed our companies, communities, country, and the world. It’s time to take notice and leverage this newfound resilience. When you do so, you will have cashed in on one of the most valuable outcomes.

Opportunities and crises challenge us greatly. After we journey through them, we are forever changed. This is valuable to our success in the future. Take the time to note what has changed so you can respond with a newfound awareness and hope.