A Fourth of July Remembrance
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We live in unique times. We will have much to be grateful for during this Independence Day week. We will also have much to continue working on.

Reflecting on this July 4th, I am struck by how much I value our freedoms. I am also reflecting on the need to continue to extend these freedoms to so many here and abroad who do not yet feel free. America needs to be a beacon of hope. As the war in the Ukraine continues, we need to be people of hope. Manufacturers have been a large part of our progress as a nation. I am convinced manufacturers will be a vital part of our growth and prosperity in the future.

Early on in our nation’s history, manufacturing was critical for economic success. Products used throughout our nation and the world allowed our country to achieve rapid economic growth. Millions were lifted out of poverty. Millions made the products that helped our nation expand. Our factories built what was needed to win two World Wars. These same factories converted to peacetime products to put men and women back to work as they returned. This has been the story of the nation. This seems to be what we need to do again.

We are still recovering from one of the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression. Millions were out of work. Our nation has witnessed rapid change. Twenty-first Century manufacturing is again needed to reemploy Americans and produce essential products in the U.S. We must make our vital pharmaceuticals here again. We need to make personal protective equipment (PPE) here. Semiconductors for economic and national security must be manufactured in the U.S. Also, we need to have solid supply chains that are resilient. We need all this and more in the coming reshoring of manufacturing to the U.S.

It won’t be easy. However, it has started the past year and looks certain to continue. It will take much work by manufacturers, supportive governments, and involved communities. However, I know we can do it. How do I know this? We have done it before. Together, we must commit to rebuilding our manufacturing base here in New York and our nation.

As we continue to celebrate our nation’s freedoms, let’s not only remember what we have accomplished. Let’s commit to more. Our country needs it – and so does our world.

From everyone at MACNY, we hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday!