A New Podcast
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Just about two years ago, Marisa Norcross and I recorded our last episode of The Next Page podcast. We had consistently released our weekly podcast for five years. We were experiencing the Law of Consistency and saw the reach spread from our MACNY community to around the world. Busy schedules required a change, so we took a pause.

This week, we will be relaunching the podcast as The Navigating Leadership podcast. Instead of a weekly episode, we will release two episodes per month. I am thrilled to share with you that once a month I will be joined by Marisa, MACNY’s Chief Operations Officer, to discuss three topics: life, learning, and leadership.

The other episode each month will feature an interview with an outstanding leader. Below is a sneak peek at the two leaders you will hear from first.

  • Don Yeager: Don was the associate editor of Sports Illustrated and has authored over 30 books, 11 of which are New York Times Best Sellers. Don walks us down a fascinating path of leadership lessons he learned from the likes of Coach Mike Krzyzewski as he rebuilt the Dream Team, and Coach Scott Drew who took Baylor University’s men’s basketball team from near obscurity to the top of the college basketball world.
  • Timothy Elmore: Tim is the founder and CEO of Growing Leaders which has partnered with 8,000 schools and trained over 500,000 students on the fundamentals of values-based leadership. Tim is also the author of A New Type of Diversity which explains how to lead each of the five generations we have in the workplace. During my conversation with Tim, he explains the differences and similarities between generations.

I have learned so much from my conversations with Don and Tim, and I look forward to sharing those conversations with you. At the conclusion of each podcast, I will share what my key takeaways were. I also encourage you to share your key takeaways with me. Together this will be a great opportunity to learn, grow, and become better leaders.

If you have someone you would like me to interview for an upcoming podcast episode, please email me at [email protected].