When and Where Are You Able to Find Quiet?
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

 Are you able to find time to be quiet?  If so, where and when do you? These are important questions for all of us – and especially leaders. Our world today is filled with constant noise and distractions.  We can be contacted any time and nearly any place.  But, is all this interaction all the time good for us?  No.  Research has shown that we need some time away from it all.

The human mind is quite amazing.  It really is.  And, we generally tap into only a small fraction of its capability when we use our conscious thoughts and reasoning.  Our unconscious and subconscious mind has a much more expansive capability.  But, we can only tap into those when we are quiet enough to hear it – or when we are asleep.  Both of these times are when we – and the world around us – are quiet.  We humans function best when our lives contain some reasonable amount of quietness. Have you noticed this?

Sometimes my best ideas are when I am just sitting with a hot cup of coffee in the morning– alone and quiet.  Other times it is when I am in the shower without something screaming for my attention.  The mind then gets time to sort through all of the things it needs to.  The connections I need to make and the insights I have fought so hard to develop just come easy and natural.  Why?  Because I gave my mind the space of quiet.  Has this happened to you?

As leaders, we need to seek times of quiet where we are not talking or being bombarded with other noise.  For me, I know that If I can just be quiet and find a spot to rest quietly, my mind can finally subconsciously and unconsciously do its job.

I have learned for myself that I need quiet times.  I have built two quiet periods into my day – one in the morning and one in the evening.  It has been a great gift – and provided me the opportunity to tap into my subconscious and unconscious capabilities.  I challenge you to find times in your day and week where you can be quiet.  Where could you go to be quiet?  When in your day or week could you be all alone with your thoughts? Plan for quietness in your life – it will pay hefty dividends.

So, next time you have a difficult situation to make a decision on – seek the quiet.  You may be amazed at what you will hear.  Sometimes it may be your own heartbeat. Other times, it may be the answer you were desperately looking for!