Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Consider for a moment this proverb: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Are you able to craft that mental image? A beautiful picture of an apple shining with brilliant golden hues surrounded by silver leaves and branches on a sea of mat black. The apple almost jumps off the page at you. The apple is the undeniable focal point of the picture, and yet it isn’t brash or obnoxious. It’s delicate, welcoming, profound, and draws you in—almost as if you are part of the picture itself.

As leaders, our communication can be the same. The main points should be made in such a way that they stand out but are not brash or obnoxious. Our communications should draw the listener in with a welcoming style. It should be unmistakable to them that we are inviting them in and value them as a participant. We are not communicating to them, we are communicating with them.

Author and former presidential speechwriter James Humes said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” As a leader, our communication should be something that is created and crafted with skill. It requires imagination and, if done well, will be something that is, in fact, beautiful. Our communications will express important ideas or feelings and inspire others to achieve results unattainable on their own. As leaders, we must hone our communication skills continually. Please don’t view this new awareness as an impossibility, but rather a great opportunity. With a little help, practice, and some intentionality, you can become an artful communicator.

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