Are You Fit to Lead?

By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

I know this question may sound overly personal, but it is an important one.  Are you physically fit to be the best leader you can be?  If not, you should make it a priority.  I know I have had to. About 3 years ago, my health started to suffer.  I was working hard, stressed, overweight, not sleeping enough, and not exercising.  Frankly, I was not taking care of my health and, it was certainly affecting how I was leading.  I finally realized this and did something about it.

A visit to my doctor for my annual physical was what finally woke me up.  I have never been on medicines but now my cholesterol was showing itself at borderline levels.  He recommended I start taking medicine.  But, before I did, I wanted one more chance to get healthy.  If then my levels were still elevated, I would start the medicine.  It seemed like a reasonable approach.  But, then what?  How do I change?

I had just finished the book Change Anything.  It had a chapter on how to lose weight and keep it off.  It made sense to me.  Essentially, it showed me that I needed to develop healthy habits of eating, sleeping, exercising, and increasing my energy level.  I needed to change so I could keep doing the work that I love.  Habit change was what I needed.  So, I began.

I built entirely new habits around eating, exercising, sleeping, and the way I work.  I lost over 20 pounds – and eat a lot healthier today.  I exercise daily, I sleep a minimum amount of hours each night. I work energized each day.  I am a different leader now.  It feels wonderful.  I am productive, getting amazing things done, enjoying my time with others, and overall more satisfied with my life.  How?  I got serious about taking care of the only body I will ever get.

I can’t urge you strongly enough to take your health very seriously.  You need to put as much work into being healthy as every other thing in your life.  Especially as you get older – like me, your health will suffer if you are not intentional about how you live.  It is the way you can be at your best, give your best, and live happily in service of others.  Trust me – I know from having made the critical decision to go all-in on my health just a few short years ago.

Are you feeling healthy?  What can you do today to improve your health?  How is your weight, eating habits, sleep, exercise, and overall disposition?  Who will help you get into the best shape mentally and physically?  All important questions we need to ask ourselves as leaders.  We need to be fit to lead.  Best of luck on your journey.


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