On January 4th the Auburn P-TECH* class participated in an industry visit to Volpi USA.  Volpi specializes in medical and diagnostic support systems.  In the beginning of the visit the class was shown a variety of products from light modules and light sources to thermal cycler modules.  These are products that help medical specialists with molecular diagnostics, hematology, microscopy, and image processing.  These products allow doctors to make diagnoses and procedures less invasive for patients compared to 25 years ago.

One of the more interesting parts of the tour at Volpi was the tool shop where the students were given a closer look at the instruments that are made for the machines that produce the products.  Volpi’s machinist explained the mechanical and electrical engineering applications that are involved in the workings of the tool shop.  The class was reminded that every day was different with a variety of new challenges and having problem solving skills was a must.

While on the tour, the P-TECH class got a closer look at Volpi’s clean rooms.  Because of the high standards for cleanliness in the medical field and the products’ sensitivity to dust and particles, the clean rooms receive special attention to ensure parts and products are made in a controlled and sterile environment.

The last stop on the tour was the quality control room, where the products go through one final inspection to guarantee that the product will meet or exceed the standard set by the customer.  The class learned how Volpi measures the products in their quality control department.  They were also given an explanation as to why there had to be a strict process and tight controls, due in part to the regulations of the medical field.

Finally, students learned why keeping a customer was extremely important, and why Volpi tries to go above and beyond for a customer to make sure they are satisfied with the product.   Thank you, Volpi USA, for a great visit!

*PTECH (Pathways to Technology Early College High School) – a partnership of Auburn School District, Cayuga Community College, MACNY and PEB. To learn more or to get involved contact Jason Bjork and [email protected].