Climate Scoping Plan Must Protect Our Economy as Well as Our Environment
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

On Tuesday, I presented oral testimony on the Climate Action Council Draft Scoping Plan regarding New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). I was joined at the regional hearing by other members of our community who commented on the plan, as well.

New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) was signed into law in 2019. It created the Climate Action Council, tasked with developing a Draft Scoping Plan that serves as an initial framework for how the State will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions.

As you will see from my testimony, I am concerned about the changes in natural gas usage for members, energy availability and reliability, the plan’s aggressive timeline, technology available to make the required transitions, and increased costs to businesses and consumers. Successful implementation requires a thoughtful plan that protects our economy and environment.

The in-person hearings are being made available around the State, and two virtual sessions are planned. For the hearing schedule, visit

You can also submit written testimony at

I encourage all MACNY members to comment. The Final Scoping Plan will significantly impact your business and our community for years to come. Therefore, sharing your insights and concerns is vital.


My Remarks Provided in Oral Testimony

New York State has adopted one of the most aggressive climate action plans in the nation.

MACNY acknowledges there will be meaningful benefits to the Climate Action Plan. However, as an association of manufacturers and business leaders, it is vital that the Final Scoping Plan conforms to the needs of our economy and the public. Therefore, I am here to share my concerns.

The Draft Scoping Plan seeks to decommission existing gas networks that could significantly impact business and manufacturing operations. Energy availability and reliability are significant constraints as natural gas is eliminated. Natural gas is a highly reliable and resilient energy source providing base power when renewables are not available for use. Beyond the reliability of the energy system, this new plan would impose significant costs on businesses and consumers. The high level of new renewable electricity generation required to be developed over the next eight years is unprecedented. We will need a plan that considers costs, the technology available, and the necessary transition time so businesses and consumers can respond effectively.

Let us create an intelligent plan that advances climate protection and economic growth simultaneously. Now is the time to consider what cost impacts the plan would have on our businesses and consumers and make appropriate adjustments. A comprehensive and ongoing study of the effects of the implementation of the Final Scoping Plan will be needed.

MACNY and its members are committed to a smart and effective implementation of the CLCPA. How we implement the plan will have lasting impacts on our community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.