Congress Needs to Complete US Competitiveness Legislation
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

The House of Representatives recently passed the America COMPETES Act which was created to boost US competitiveness. Last June, the US Senate had passed its version of the measure called the US Innovation and Competition Action. Now we need the Conference Committee to reconcile these efforts and get it passed so that the President can sign it into law. We need this effort to go quickly. Delaying our move to be more competitive is not an option.

Both bills provide for investment in advanced semiconductor manufacturing. This is critical to creating a level playing field, improving our supply of semiconductors, and putting us on a path to innovation leadership in semiconductor technology. Also, Central New York is poised to be a leading site for a major semiconductor facility. We need to make sure this investment happens to solidify our national and economic security. For this reason alone, we need the legislation to be signed into law.

We cannot let the partisan divide prevent this critical effort. The bills are similar enough so that they can be reconciled and quickly brought back to the House and Senate for passage. We need our federal representatives to make this a priority and not let their differences sidetrack passage. Far too often, we have had delays when we really needed quick action. We know we need this investment and focus to regain our competitive edge. Now is the time to act to do so.

We now know that high-end semiconductor chip production here in the US is essential. Today, 80% of the high-end chip manufacturing of the world is in Taiwan and within 90 miles of China. These are the chips we need to power every vehicle we drive and most of our other hi-tech goods. They are also necessary for our tanks, ships, and aircraft that defend our way of life. Therefore, we can no longer entrust our national and economic security to a strategy that requires our dependence on foreign chips.

Let’s not let this moment pass when our elected officials can act in a bi-partisan way to invest in US manufacturing in the critical area of semiconductors. Please join us in sending a letter urging our federal lawmakers to get this important work done now. Use our i360 electronic letter tool to send an urgent request for action. We need to keep reminding our representatives just how important this is for our nation, the manufacturing sector, and our region to be successful.

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