MACNY advocacy.

MACNY President & CEO, Randy Wolken, and Tiffany Latino-Gerlock, Director of Government Relations & Communications, were pleased to participate in this year’s Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) Trade Conference in Washington, D.C. They found this unique experience to be extremely informative and productive. We applaud the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) for organizing a successful event that joined various CPA members, supporters, and experts from across the country to collectively advocate on pressing federal issues, such as trade reform.

Randy and Tiffany were impressed by the many panelists who shared their personal business perspectives on trade enforcement, trade negotiations, Buy America, and much more. Of course, they also gained great insight from the banquet’s keynote speakers and from the Senior White House officials who briefed the audience on the Trump Administration’s tax and trade policies.

Randy and Tiffany also had the opportunity to visit with our Members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill which provided an effective opportunity for them to advocate on behalf of MACNY Member Companies.

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