Dawn of a New Blog: Thoughts after my first Live2Lead and the birth of the Bench Marks blog series
Laura Thorne, Official MACNY Consulting Partner

I’ve just left John Maxwell’s Live2Lead event hosted by David Freund and MACNY. Live2lead is a full-day event with presentations from speakers broadcast around the world. The day was full of motivating stories, inspiring presenters, and thoughtful discussion between members. I always feel a combination of imposter syndrome and energy to go out and change the world when I leave these types of events because the speakers have accomplished so many seemingly impossible things.

If you feel this way too, I suggest the following three things:

  1. Remember what you’ve already accomplished
  2. Believe that you are on your own path to greatness
  3. Reflect on your own definition of success.

This event came one day after I was introduced as an official training partner with MACNY. I was speaking to MACNY President, Randy Wolken, and he challenged me to write a blog once a week. “Once a week! Ack! I don’t know how I’ll do it but I will try,” I thought.

I made two relevant decisions leaving there that led me to a solution. First, I abided by the advice that came from the day’s speakers to be more present and happy and decided to take the longer and more scenic route home. Second, when you drive through the nostalgic and picture-perfect little town of Skaneateles you pass the Northern tip of Skaneateles lake and I decided to park there for a minute. 

During that minute, as thoughts from the day were swirling around in my head, it hit me. This is it! This is how I can write once a week. David Freund commented earlier in the day that he doesn’t get to be in a quiet place to write like he would like to. I truly believe the universe gives you what you need if you are open to it. Thus, this series was born. Combining writing with a need to seek silent solitude, I’ll find a spot once a week to settle into and write on whatever leadership, growth, inspiring moment thought comes to mind. 

It’s likely that no matter how random the thought may seem to me, it will land right in time for others. 

It’s cold but sunny where I am sitting. There are a few old men bundled up checking their fishing poles to see if the bait is still there every now and then. The sun is falling and almost blinding me across the water. I find that once I get to a place like this I don’t want to leave it. Nothing else seems more important than watching this sun dip behind the horizon. 

I don’t have kids and my cats will sleep until I get home. Maybe for you, the sunset is not the most important thing in your life to spend more time with. Maybe it’s your kids, your significant other, or your parents.

I think the most powerful takeaway from today’s Live2Lead was Ed Mylett’s story about his dad’s passing away from cancer and his advice to do one more thing. That one more thing could be the thing that changes your life or keeps you from leaving this world with regret..  Another speaker from the day, Jamie Kern Lima, owner of IT Cosmetics, is a champion of this philosophy in that she never gave up and eventually became the first female CEO of L’Oréal.

That said, I plan to do one more blog article next week. Stay tuned!


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