Do You Amplify the Positive?
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Do you amplify the positive experiences you and your team have? It would serve you well if you did.  Leaders and team members who reinforce the positive outcomes that have occurred can gain additional benefits from the experience.  It is a natural tendency to achieve outcomes and move on to achieving more outcomes without taking a moment to reflect on all of the hard work put in. However, taking the time to recall successes so you and your team can both feel the positive emotions they produce and reinforce future behavior can be an excellent success strategy.

Behavioral research demonstrates that humans spend a considerable amount of time recalling negative experiences.  It seems to be hard-wired in us.  Which means, we need to intentionally work to reinforce our positive feelings and experiences.  Studies have shown that when we do so, we can achieve significant improvements in our outlook, stamina, and outcomes.

A good deal of our day is spent in the in-between. Why waste these moments when we can encourage others, compliment progress, and identify positive actions?  By multiplying positive feelings – and savoring those we have just experienced – we can create a positive mindset while we are accomplishing the important outcomes needed to satisfy our customers and grow the business.

It’s an easy three step process.  First, practice looking for the positive. It’s usually right in front of us. We must take the time to turn positive facts and outcomes into positive experiences.    Next, draw out and savor those experiences – to include the positive emotions. Reflect on how good the experience is.  This reinforces the positive experience and actually strengthens chemical connections in our brains with these experiences.  Finally, let it all sink in. Use the moment to fully experience it.  We often rush right past our positive experiences missing the added benefits they could so easily offer.

Do you savor the moments you have had?  Do you take the time to thank others for what they have contributed? Do you take the time to recall the hard work that went into your team’s achievements?  All of these behaviors can strengthen your relationships, improve your mental and physical health, and help you be more creative with problem solving.  And, savoring past behaviors costs next to nothing – a very good return on your investment.