On Friday, November 1st, P-TECH freshmen had the opportunity to visit Ephesus Lighting. Known for designing LED lighting for sports stadiums and arenas, the students found the facilities to also be “totally awesome” with over 8,000 square feet of space that included testing stations, an Engineering Design area, and even a basketball court!

The students learned that Ephesus lights are in NFL stadiums in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Miami and, locally, in the football stadium at Baker High School in Baldwinsville. They also designed lighting systems for the NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball stadiums. The engineers use SOLIDWORKS to design the brackets in the lighting and the students were able to hear from both mechanical and electrical engineers as well as a test engineer. They also had the opportunity to see a video that showed examples of different LED lighting installed by Ephesus and how the lighting is customized for installation at a venue with wood flooring (think basketball court) versus a hockey rink, etc. Students also participated in demonstrations involving electrical engineering and controls.