Grow Your Business Through Exports
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Manufacturers are built to export their products anywhere in the world. If your company is not increasing the amount it exports, you are likely leaving opportunities on the table. MACNY is poised to help you improve your exports. We will be hosting a series of educational webinars to help you start or grow your exporting business. Exporting is not just for large and established brands and businesses. It is for any company that is dedicated to discovering new markets and new customers.

The first webinar, Exporting Resources and Programs Available to Help Grow Your Topline, is from 9-10 am on July 12th. It will be focused on outlining the benefits of exporting and growing your export markets. It can help companies that already export and those who would like to start exporting. Once you decide to begin, there are a host of free and low-cost resources to teach your team how to proceed successfully. There are many ways to grow your exports into new markets and find new customers. Many businesses need to increase sales volumes, find new customers, and create new products for sale. Export excellence is a proven strategy for growth.

This webinar can help you ask and answer some critical questions. Such as:

  • What international markets should our company enter?
  • What are the regulations and ‘paperwork’ requirements?
  • How do we find strong partners in world markets?

All of these are good, valid questions – and all of them have answers! You do not have to do this alone. Also, plenty of federal, state, and local resources exist to help you get started. Our presenter John Tracy, a Senior International Trade Specialist in our region, has access to resources and specialists worldwide to help reduce the risk of entering new markets. Please come prepared to learn about all the help available to you and your company. If you would like more information, you can contact Cindy Oehmigen at [email protected]. To register for the July 12th webinar, click here.

Increasing exports is the best way forward for most of MACNY’s manufacturing members. It helps create a more sustainable and growing business. Exports also help our community by bringing new dollars into our local businesses, which helps grow our service and retail sectors. We know that for every manufacturing job, there are three related jobs in our region. This is a win-win approach for everyone. I hope you will join us for this crucial webinar and learn new ways to expand your business.

Looking ahead? We have another webinar, Critical Elements of a Successful Export Business Plan, being held on July 28th from 9 – 10 am. Click here to learn more or to register for this event.