Happy Leon Day!
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Happy Leon Day! Can you believe that we are just about half finished with 2019? How is everything going? Are you making the progress you had hoped to make? How are those goals coming? This is a perfect time to reflect and adjust. A great way to know how and where to adjust is to ask yourself the following reflection questions:

What went well? As you look back on January through June, what went well? Where have you seen the progress you wanted to make? Are you making good progress with your goals? Look back at the pictures on your phone. Most of us take pictures of experiences we enjoy. By reviewing your pictures, you will reflect on what happened that brought joy into your life. Another question to consider is, how are your relationships going?

What didn’t go well? It is just as important to review what isn’t going well as what is going well. Do you have a relationship that needs some extra attention? How about with your spouse, children, or coworkers? Are you stuck anywhere in your growth plan? Have things seemed to slow down or even stop?

What did I learn? This area is big. As you look back on the last six months, are you learning anything? Are you discovering anything about yourself or those around you? As you reviewed what didn’t go well, what is it saying to you? Unless we take the time to identify the learnings, we remain bound to the old ways of thinking.

What will I change? Now this area is beyond big, it’s HUGE! So many people know that they are not happy with areas of their life, but they refuse to make any changes. Review your notes from the above questions and decide to make some changes. The only guarantee of a better tomorrow are the changes we make today. Today is a fresh start on the rest of your year.

Oh, and by the way, Leon is Noel spelled backward. We are half way to Christmas and for me, that’s a great thing. If you would like to take a deeper dive into your mid-year review, please join Marisa and me on Episode 106 of The Next Page. We will share more tips and tricks to help you make this July – December the best you have ever had.

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