How Are You Staying Healthy?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

The pandemic has inserted an incredible amount of change and stress into our lives. So much change so fast is hard enough. On top of it, we have the burden of protecting the vulnerable and evaluating our own level of comfort with the risks we face doing the simplest of tasks like grocery shopping. Dealing with all of this within our families and as an individual can be overwhelming. Finding a way to do this well is essential.

I could easily tell you I know how to do this, however I don’t. I, like you and nearly everyone else, am figuring it out each day and week. Most of us would love to make long term plans. I, for one, would like to plan my next vacation trip, but I cannot. Summertime is my favorite time of year. It still is – but this summer will be different than any I can remember. Change, the unknown, and constant stress can take its toll. You will need a strategy to both navigate this period of your life and find a way to succeed.

What I have learned so far is that I must monitor how I feel each day. I must check in with myself – as well as those I am responsible for – each day. Taking care of the mental health and wellbeing of those I care about is critical. It must start with me.

I must first ensure that I am healthy. I must make sure I am getting sleep, rest, good food, exercise, and time away from the worry and stress. When I do that, I can be at my best as I am needed. Since so much has changed, that could be at any moment.

How are you doing? Be honest with yourself. If need be, talk with those you care about. How are those you care for doing? Have you asked them lately? Staying healthy – mentally and physically – is so critical.

One way to gain some perspective is to give up the need to control what you cannot control. Be more playful. Laugh more. Let others know you, too, are just working through this period and that it is tough for you. Give yourself the space to fail and give it another try.

Hopefully, some of you will read this while on a staycation. If not, enjoy your weekend and make time to wind down and take care of yourself. Give yourself the needed break we all deserve in these difficult times. Doing so will pay high dividends for both you and those who depend on you each day.