How Do You Do the Impossible?
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Doing what seems impossible is a large part of being a leader today.  What was once impossible has become not only possible – but the accepted norm.  It was once impossible to even imagine a self-driving car, the ability to print a product (3D printing), map your DNA, and take a private mission to space.  Now, all of those are either doable or will be doable in the near future.  Doing the impossible has become what market leaders now do – routinely.

Creating extraordinary value for customers – or a new set of customers– is how companies leapfrog the competition.  Making small, incremental changes is no longer enough.  So, how do we get our organizations working on the next big thing – the impossible?  We must first declare it possible.  Creating a vision of doing the next big thing is what is often needed as a first step.

Have you done this for your company?  Have you declared the intent of doing what was once not possible – possible?  If so, you have begun to unlock the key to future success.  And, once you have done the impossible it opens the door to more future leaps in value and opportunity.

For instance, a few years ago MACNY declared the desire to be the trade association of the future.  No longer would we be the MACNY we were first created to be 105 years ago in 1913.  Nope.  Instead, we would offer what no other trade association had offered.  This year we realized that dream.  By the end of 2018, we will have more Individual Members of MACNY than Company Members.  We will be the professional trade association for over 450 individuals who utilize all that MACNY offers to grow their professional careers using a one-of-a-kind offering.  It combines the best of learning, coaching, mentoring, networking, and events into a personalized growth plan.  It is our fastest growing offering and offered nowhere else.  Did we just do the impossible?  Yes, we did!  And, this is just one of the areas where we declared the impossible – possible. Then, we went out and created it.

So, where have you decided to change what is possible in your business?  Do you have a plan to recreate your value offering to existing customers –and attract entirely new customers – with the introduction of “the impossible” new product or service?  How could you begin today if you have not yet done so?  These are very good questions to help create your unique future.  I am convinced we all need to do it before our competitors do so.  If not, we will fall behind.

Let me know when you have created the “impossible.”  It is certainly something we want to let our other members and wider community know about!