In Every Block of Stone
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

This past week I was watching a Christmas movie with my wife and heard this amazing comment, “within every block of stone lies a statue waiting to be revealed.” I’m not sure what my wife thought when I quickly picked up my iPad to record what I had heard. She did chuckle a bit, but I told her the statement jumped out at me with such an impactful truth. With this being the first week of a new year, it’s the perfect time for us to unpack one of my new favorite statements.

Let’s take a look at this statement in its simplest form. Each and every block of stone has the potential to become just about anything. As I drive north on Interstate 81 and make the turn onto 481 North I see large equipment breaking large stones into smaller ones that are hauled to a different spot where they will be used as part of a new roadbed. That same piece of stone in the hands of a skilled stone mason could become part of a decorative retaining wall or fireplace as it is shaped and placed in just the right spot to reveal its maximum beauty. Just think what could happen if we replaced the skilled mason with a sculptor, like Michelangelo. A priceless masterpiece could be created that would bring enjoyment to so many for hundreds of years.

Have you ever thought about your life the same way? Your life is like that block of stone just waiting to be transformed. The exciting reality is that you get to decide what your life will become. That’s right, it is your decision, not someone else’s. Sadly, very few people take the time to look inward and determine what it is, or rather who it is, they would like to become. We live in what I believe is the greatest country on earth. A country where we are free to pursue our dreams which align with our hopes and beliefs. The question that begs an answer is, will you make the choice?

Mark Twain was the first to share this quote, “The two most important days in a person’s life are the day they were born and the day they find out why.” Knowing why you are here is key to knowing what or who you would like to become. In the Intentional Living webinar I hosted last month I shared questions that lead us to our “why.” Here are a few to help get you started:

What do you cry about? What in life touches your heart so deeply that it moves you to tears? This question helps you engage in activities that you will find rewarding and worthwhile.

What do you sing about? What in life energizes you and moves you to break into song? Activities that energize you and activate your happiest emotions will keep you in the game even when you are physically exhausted, and feel like quitting.

What are you really good at? What are you better at than most of the people you know? Is there something that just comes naturally to you? This question leads you to your giftedness. Your best opportunity for creating a masterpiece of your life is in your giftedness. It’s also the best opportunity to maximize your earning potential. Quite simply, people don’t pay for average. They pay for excellence.

As an exciting new year lies before you, will you choose to live with intentionality and be the sculptor of your own life?