Is it Time to Re-Board?
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

When companies hire people, they go through a process of onboarding. In most organizations, there is a series of activities such as completing tax withholdings paperwork, insurance enrollment, setting up phone systems, and sharing corporate policies. These cover all of the “critical” details for the employee to be successful within your organization.

Far too often, we stress the same sterile details and never point out how we are different and why working with us matters. Do our team members know what the organization believes? Do our team members understand the company’s WHY? Are our mission and vision clear? Let’s face it, W-2s, handbooks, and insurance forms are critical to compliance and policy, but not so much to a team member’s success. Will a new employee decide to stay with the organization because their forms were processed in a timely manner, or is there more to it?

How about our current staff? It just might be time to “re-board” those who were onboarded earlier. Does our current team know our values, mission, vision, and our WHY? Patrick Lencioni identifies health in an organization as something that trumps everything else in business. He identified four disciplines of a healthy organization as:

1) Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

2) Create Clarity

3) Over-Communicate Clarity

4) Reinforce Clarity

With all the changes that have occurred in our organizations over the last two years, our teams need a re-boarding, and we need to rethink how we do it and what we cover. Yes, policies, procedures, W-2s, and insurance enrollment are important details that need to be covered, but they don’t contribute to the overall success and engagement of our team members—two key drivers of retention.

We need to find people who can tell the stories that show how they lived out our values, mission, and vision. We need stories centered around living out our why and how it impacted the community. Stories of adding value to customers, staff, and the community. Stories that illustrate our culture through actions taken.

If you would like to hear more about how you can successfully re-board your team members and be more successful at onboarding new team members, please join Marisa Norcross and me for Episode 241 of The Next Page podcast.

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