It’s Snowing Again?!?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

It’s April 1st and as I look out my window it is snowing again. When the snow first comes in the Winter, I actually welcome it, but now I am ready for it to go. Nature’s seasons are rhythmic – and occur based on their patterns. They are not based on my wishes. This is also a good reminder for our work and our lives.

It’s important for leaders to understand the rhythms of their businesses and our economy. When it snows in April I am not surprised. I may not like it, but I am not surprised. I keep the snowblower accessible because I know it occurs. Good leaders do the same, they prepare for what can happen in a worst-case scenario and work to avoid it if possible. However, some things cannot be avoided. There are plenty of them in each business.

One of the key attributes of a good leader is the ability to see what can be over the horizon and prepare for it, but not get paralyzed by the prospect of it. Leaders need to convey confidence during challenging times. Leaders need to prepare for challenges that may never appear—all while encouraging others and remaining positive. It can be a tall order, but without it the morale and performance of the organization will suffer.

So, what are we to do? It’s important to build our resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We will need to select habits and approaches that help us build resilience and keep it when our circumstances change. What are some of the ways you build and maintain resilience?

I use several tactics to help me stay resilient. One is to start each day with a routine that energizes me. I became intentional with starting each day with a set of routines that I do whether I am feeling like it or not. I pray, reflect on my mission, review my long-term goals, set my top three priorities for the day, read, and complete my health and wellness routine. I also force myself to take breaks during the day. Once I return home from my day, I spend time winding down. What daily routines do you practice – or need to start – to help you build up your resilience?

To maintain my resilience, I also need to take care of my health. Being healthy is one of the best ways to stay prepared and to be resilient. I exercise, eat healthy (most of the time), get adequate sleep, and rest when I am sick. How do you take care of your health to maintain resiliency?

As leaders, it is going to snow! The business is going to challenge you. Your co-workers will need your help. Your family and friends will need you to help them navigate hard times. Being focused on maintaining our resilience is one of the best ways for us to lead and serve. And, know that Spring will also come and good times will once again join us. Enjoy the journey!