Leaders Must Lead the Change

By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Recently, I have spent a lot of time visiting member companies and working on growth projects in our community.  It’s impressive to see the amount of investments being made here in our region.  It’s one of my favorite things to do – see how others are growing their businesses.  Now, in my role as Regional Economic Development Council Co-Chair, I get an even greater opportunity to assist others in focusing on their growth, and our community’s growth.  So, what have I seen over the last 10 months?  Leaders leading growth and change in their organizations.

Growth is not easy.  It takes leadership.  It involves risk.  I was with one leader just yesterday who described the dramatic growth of his organization over the last two decades.  It was amazing.  I had witnessed some of it.  The whole story took my breath away.  Hundreds of jobs added.  Millions of dollars in economic growth caused by leadership and execution at all levels of the organization.  The ripple effect caused by investments are so evident when we step back and look at it.  Without it, our community takes a step back.  With it, we grow.

What has left an impression on me over my 17 years here at MACNY is just how important future-focused leadership is to growth of companies and our community.  Investments are made into what an organization must become to thrive.  The process of deciding and leading in this environment has never been more important.

During my conversation, we talked about the role of robots and automation in the factory of the future.  This topic is now on the minds of every manufacturing and technology leader I know.  It’s a critical one.  The combination of skilled people and technology is the key to growth and profitability. I am convinced it is the question of our time for every industry and every leader.  Leaders must actively lead the change effort in this critical area.  Get it right – and the company grows.  Get it wrong – and the company may stumble.  Not do anything – and the company will get left behind.  Leaders will need to take calculated risks and move forward.  As a community, we are depending on it.

As a leader, are you examining how you will grow your business?  What mix of talented staff and technology will you use?  Who will help you as you decide this critical set of questions for your business?  How will you get your team involved so they can ensure it is a smart use of technology and talent? Where will you find the talent to grow in this rapid evolving world we live in?  These questions, and more, will shape your company and our region’s economy.  I thank you for tackling these questions.  We need it.  If I can be of help, please let me now.

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