Live with Anticipation
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

As a kid, I lived for the weekends and special events. As I got older, I seemed to keep the same mindset. I was looking forward to holidays, vacations, and special occasions. Whatever was between was something to endure until the next exciting occasion. As I am writing this, I am looking forward to a week’s vacation. My daughter and her family will be coming from Ohio, and we plan to spend a week at Oticso Lake. When I look at the weather forecast, it doesn’t look promising. So, will I have a nice vacation, or will the weather and other things out of my control ruin my week?

We tend to wish our life away when we live for weekends, holidays, and special occasions. We are so focused on the future, that we miss the amazing blessings of the present. It might rain throughout my vacation. I may get a migraine. My old boat might just give me engine trouble, but blessings will be nestled in all of the frustrations. Moments of wonder as I watch my grandchildren celebrate birthdays and toasting marshmallows over the fire pit. The key is to slow down and be grateful for the day you have been given and the loved ones that add so much to our life.

As I reflect on the years when the rains came and the boat didn’t run, I don’t remember much about the frustrations. Yes, there were the amazingly fierce storms on the lake that we still reminisce about. But what stands out more in my memory is how we made the best of seemingly bad situations. Sitting in the cottage’s living room while we watched my dad slides. Getting up early to waterski because if we waited too long, the winds would pick up, and it would be too rough. The frustrations have passed, but the blessings are still vivid in my memory. Why not move past the frustrations quicker and dwell on the blessings sooner?

When we live with anticipation, we seek out the blessings. We even plan to enjoy the little things, like Lela and Noah’s eyes as they see candles on their birthday cakes. The crackle of the fire and the glow in the faces of those sitting across from us. Will the migraines come? Sure, I had one this morning already, but the blessing is the medicine that helps them pass quickly so I can go look for more blessings. Two birthday parties today and hopefully, weather permitting, a fire in the fire pit.

I hope you can make the switch to living with anticipation and find the blessings in your life.