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Statewide Manufacturing Association’s Political Action Committee Releases Endorsement of Pro-Business Candidates.

MIPAC, The Manufacturing & Industry Political Action Committee and the political action committee arm of MACNY, The Manufacturers Association and The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State today announced their 2016 candidate endorsements. MACNY’s political action committee was formed in 1980 as BIPAC, the Business Industry Political Action Committee, and in early 2012 was changed to MIPAC, to better reflect its statewide manufacturing base from MACNY and the Manufacturers Alliance of New York State. This year, MIPAC looked to endorse pro-manufacturing and reform-minded candidates from all areas throughout New York State, focusing their attention on key issues, including decreasing energy costs, strengthening the State’s workforce development platform, workers compensation issues, and the increasing costs of doing business in New York State. This year, MIPAC recognized its growing statewide presence, and is actively participating in races from across the State, with particular attention made to key races in the Senate, many of which are open seats. MIPAC Chairman Nathan Andrews stated, “This year we were pleased to interview a number of Statewide candidates, with many running for office for the first time. Overall we looked for those who would best represent issues important to the state’s manufacturers. We looked at candidates from both sides of the aisle when seeking supporters of manufacturing, and take this bipartisan approach very seriously. We have always maintained and understood that we will not always agree with our representatives on every issue, and that is okay. What is most critical is that issues important to manufacturers are heard and understood, that the lines of communication always remain open, and that honest and open government and policy is put into effect. With this type of Government, coupled with these Representatives in office, we believe we can create an environment that encourages and supports manufacturing in New York. With that, today we proudly release our 2016 endorsements.” Based on the candidates’ responses and interviews, MIPAC is proudly endorsing and weighing in on the following Senate races: Senate Endorsements (24)


  • John J. Flanagan (R) Senate District 2
  • Kemp Hannon (R) Senate District 6
  • Elaine Phillips (R) Senate District 7
  • Martin Golden (R) Senate District 22
  • Jeffrey Klein (IDC) Senate District 34
  • Bill Larkin (R) Senate District 39
  • Terrence Murphy (R) Senate District 40
  • Sue Serino (R) Senate District 41
  • John Bonacic (R) Senate District 42
  • Betty Little, (R) Senate District 45
  • George Amedore (R) Senate District 46
  • Joe Griffo (R) Senate District 47
  • Patty Ritchie, (R) Senate District 48
  • Jim Tedisco (R) Senate District 49
  • John DeFrancisco (R) Senate District 50
  • James Seward (R) Senate District 51
  • Fred Akshar (R) Senate District 52
  • David Valesky (IDC) Senate District 53
  • Rich Funke, (R) Senate District 55
  • Cathy Young (R) Senate District 57
  • Tom O’Mara (R) Senate District 58
  • Pat Gallivan (R) Senate District 59
  • Chris Jacobs (R) Senate District 60
  • Michael Ranzenhofer (R) Senate District 61

Based on the candidates’ responses and interviews, MIPAC is proudly endorsing and weighing in on the following Assembly races: Assembly Endorsements (26)

  • Dean Murray (R) Assembly District 3
  • Andrew Raia (R) Assembly District 12
  • Edward Ra (R) Assembly District 19
  • Kenneth Zebrowski (D) Assembly District 96
  • James Skoufis (R) Assembly District 99
  • Kevin Cahill (D) Assembly District 103
  • Dan Stec (R) Assembly District 114
  • John Byrne (R) Assembly District 116
  • Ken Blankenbush (R) Assembly District 117
  • Marc Butler (R) Assembly District 118
  • Anthony Brindisi (D) Assembly District 119
  • Will Barclay (R) Assembly District 120
  • John Salka (R) Assembly District 121
  • Cliff Crouch (R) Assembly District 122
  • Donna Lupardo (D) Assembly District 123
  • Chris Friend (R) Assembly District 124
  • Gary Finch (R) Assembly District 126
  • Al Stirpe (D) Assembly District 127
  • Pamela Hunter (D) Assembly District 128
  • Bill Magnarelli (D) Assembly District 129
  • Bob Oaks (R) Assembly District 130
  • Brian Kolb (R) Assembly District 131
  • Phil Palmesano (R) Assembly District 132
  • Joe Morelle (D) Assembly District 136
  • Robin Schimminger (D) Assembly District 140
  • Ray Walter (R) Assembly District 146

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