MACNY In The Months Ahead
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Summer has arrived and is mostly gone. However, I am looking forward to seeing so many members at our Annual Clambake next week. We want to close out the summer with all of you, our members!

MACNY has adjusted to the new normal, which has changed our lives in many ways. What can you expect from MACNY in the months ahead? For MACNY this coming fall, our work continues. We will expand our many services. With our events, we will average between 2 to 5 in-person, hybrid, and digital events a week. This will continue all year, resulting in over 200 events and training sessions our members have the opportunity to register for. You can always count on us to expand our training and coaching options. We will continue to send you our weekly news and updates email so you can keep up with the critical news you need and our many offerings. We want you to stay well-informed. I will continue to offer my Weekly Thoughts and Messages. And, of course, our team will be here to personally answer your questions and help you deal with your most pressing challenges. Starting in the fall, we will conduct our in-person council events once again. We have a full slate available for you to connect with your colleagues, learn new things, and visit member’s facilities. It will be an exciting time!

If you would like to find even more ways to connect with us and use our services, please email Justyna Valencia, Member Engagement Manager at [email protected]. Justyna offers Maximize Your Member sessions twice a month. There is no better time to reengage and grow with MACNY and our members! The next Maximize Your Membership is on September 12th from 9 – 10 AM.

MACNY was established in 1913 to help our members thrive despite their challenges. Through two World Wars, recessions, a Great Depression, and two pandemics, MACNY has been there. Through it all, manufacturers and businesses have banded together – all as part of a proud tradition of making world-class products and delivering outstanding services. MACNY will continue to be here for you in the future.

Finally, summertime is historically marked in Upstate New York by vacations, summer picnics, and a time for family, friends, and fun. I hope you have found the time to do some or all of this. Be well and enjoy the rest of your summer!