MACNY is now collecting nominations from our collective membership for our 2017 Manufacturing Innovator of the Year Award, sponsored by Corning, Inc!

This Sixth annual award will recognize the innovative talents of individuals nominated by their peers, whose talents and skills have helped advance the company and region’s manufacturing capabilities.  This award will be presented at MACNY’s 104th Annual Dinner, on May 18th, 2017.

About the Manufacturing Innovator of the Year Award: Manufacturers play a critical role in our State and Nation’s economy.  One of the many reasons our sector remains so strong is our ability to adapt and innovate.  This, in part, is because of individuals within companies who use their abilities to adapt, and through forward thinking and ideas, help their companies and sector advance and thrive in today’s global economy. Such examples of leaders within a company may include Operations Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Designers or anyone within a company who has demonstrated their ability to innovate and lead in a way that has helped their company thrive.  Because manufacturing so depends on individuals who innovate, MACNY decided to present an award each year to an individual within a company who has demonstrated forward thinking in the areas of technology, innovation and advancement of products and production.

Awards will be chosen by a panel of manufacturing executives based on criteria that will include but not be limited to: revenue growth, capital investment, new product development, leadership, employee training programs, production quality, productivity, energy conservation and any other factors contributing to growth within a company or industry. Of note, nominations made last year will also be included in this year’s nomination process.

Submission Guidelines: Anyone can nominate an employee who has exemplified innovation and leadership within their manufacturing facility and/or career.  The nominee may be any individual who has gone above and beyond the expectations of a company and provided growth, expansion and leadership amongst their peers.

The deadline for entries for the 2017 MACNY Innovator of the Year Award is Friday, January 27th, 2017.  The winner will be determined by the Innovator of the Year Selection Committee, and will be honored at MACNY’s 104th Annual Dinner, May 18th, 2017, in Syracuse.

We encourage you to submit nominees for this year’s award.  To do so, simply fill out this application, include some biographical information on the nominee, and return to Karyn Burns at [email protected] by Friday, January 27th, 2017.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Karyn directly.

Thanks for your continued support of MACNY and its mission.