We are so excited to announce MACNY’s 5th Transformational Leadership Award recipient.

John Maxwell often says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Leadership is the catalyst that takes average organizations and makes them great. Leaders add value to their team, their organizations, and their communities. Transformational Leaders truly Live to Lead. They exemplify character, commitment, courage, competence, initiative, passion, servanthood, and generosity.

This year’s Transformational Leadership Award recipient has been nominated by more than one of his teammates—with each nomination citing his humility, empathy, and passion for servant leadership. His servitude is beyond measure as he is constantly looking for ways to benefit the community while inspiring others along the way. One of his nominators proudly shared that this leader’s passion for their industry, commitment to a safe work environment, and dedication to the happiness of his team has made their organization a fantastic place to work. Another nominator cited this year’s recipient as a mentor who has led through the best of times and the worst of times as a strong advocate for his team. He is described as being courageous and incredibly generous. A true multiplier—using his gifts to enhance the talents and accomplishments of his team.

With that, we are honored to announce Timothy McKernan from EJ as this year’s Transformational Leadership Award recipient.

Tim was honored last Friday at Live2Lead in Skaneateles with almost 100 MACNY members and a few of his teammates. We hope you will join us in congratulating Tim.