Manufacturers are Resilient
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

This crisis has revealed, once again, that manufacturers in New York State are resilient. Most have been open in some capacity despite the impacts of COVID-19. They have worked hard to keep their workers safe while providing their products for the U.S. and the world. This has not been easy.

I have watched with amazement and pride just how quickly and effectively our members have responded to this pandemic. It is truly inspiring. You have embraced the necessary procedures to operate safely. You have adjusted shifts when necessary. You’re wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing to remain in business. These are tough times, but MACNY members have adjusted quickly.

At MACNY, we have responded by moving nearly all of our efforts to the virtual space. We have never served more individuals during a set period of time than we have in the last five months. We have also expanded our outreach, offered daily updates as the situation evolves, and increased service levels. Like our members, we, too, have kept going and will continue providing our best.

During a crisis, we often get to see the best of people. It’s not easy, but that is what makes these times unique. When individuals step up to the challenge with great personal efforts, we can only marvel – and say thank you.

It’s time to do that. Thanks to you, our members, for measuring up to the challenge of this pandemic. Thank you for overcoming the immense challenges that have already occurred – and are still yet to come. Thank you for doing this with patience and perseverance. It is our honor at MACNY to help you in your efforts to serve your teams, customers, the community, and the world.

Please know we are here for you. We have stood with you as an organization for over 107 years. We plan to be here with you for decades to come. But, for this brief moment, take time to soak in the achievements you have already accomplished.