Please enjoy the February 2018 Edition of Manufacturing Matters, the monthly newsletter of MACNY, The Manufacturers Association!

Cover Story
New Location Announced for MACNY’s 105th Annual Dinner

Page 3 | President’s Message
Manufacturing Growth is Needed in 2018

Page 4 | Government Relations
Congress Directs Next Area of Focus on National Infrastructure Needs

Page 5 | Corporate Services
TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)

Page 6 | Apprenticeship Update
Now is The Time to Get Students Interested in STEM

Page 8 | HR Solutions
New Year’s Resolutions – How to Increase Your Chances of Success

Page 11 | Leadership Development
It’s February, how are you doing?

Page 12 | PEB Update
CNY Technology Sector Companies Provide Networking & Internship Opportunities to CNY STEM Scholars