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S.6453-B (Parker) / A.1466-C (Carroll)

An ACT to amend the Public Authorities Law, in relation to implementing the “New York State Build Public Renewables Act”

MACNY – The Manufacturers Association of Central New York opposes S.6453-B (Parker)/ A.1466-C (Carroll) as this legislation would give the New York Power Authority (NYPA) sweeping control over the production and distribution of renewable energy, thus altering the energy market in New York State.

Under this bill, NYPA would be required to provide only renewable energy to customers and would become the sole provider of electricity to all state owned, leased, controlled, or operated buildings by 2030. Furthermore, by January 1, 2035, NYPA would be the sole provider of electricity to all municipally owned, leased, controlled, or operated buildings, provided that the energy supply rate of such electricity is less than the energy supply rate of the utility in the municipal building’s service territory. Specifically, this bill would authorize NYPA to purchase, acquire, plan, design, engineer, finance, construct, operate, manage, improve, and maintain any renewable energy project, as well as to provide energy efficiency, retrofits, high performance/sustainable building, and energy management services.

While the legislation seeks to support the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s laudable goal of zero-emission electricity, it would lead to unfair advantages and reduce energy market competition. As a result, this would lead to increased costs for ratepayers and force taxpayers in cities and villages to shoulder the higher cost of energy. This bill would also send a negative signal to potential private sector investors and developers that play a critical role in supporting New York’s energy market.

MACNY is a not-for-profit association representing over 300 businesses and organizations across Central and Upstate New York. About three-quarters of MACNY’s members are industrial companies with the remaining members consisting of accounting firms, insurance agencies, law firms, financial institutions, and service providers.

For the above-mentioned reasons, MACNY opposes legislation that would implement the
“New York State Building Public Renewables Act” and submits this memo in opposition.

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