National Leaders Must Act Quickly To Strengthen Manufacturing And Supply Chains
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

I hear from business leaders about their various supply chain challenges every single day—including increased costs and serious delays. Critical components are often only manufactured in places like China. When these supply sources become disrupted, it causes a ripple effect for U.S. manufacturers. It’s time we take action to bring vital manufacturing back to the U.S.

The Senate-House conference committee recently met on the China competition legislation. Manufacturers need a strong, bipartisan agreement that strengthens domestic manufacturing in states like New York, increases U.S. manufacturing’s global competitiveness, and provides new job opportunities for the people who make things in America. The first meeting of the conference committee took place on May 12th to finalize legislation reconciling the United States Innovation and Competition Act and the America COMPETES Act. This is a vital step toward completing and passing the legislation. Passing this legislation will help overcome supply chain disruptions, counter inflation, support U.S. manufacturing, and assist in countering major global competitors, most notably China.

We call upon lawmakers to prioritize provisions that will help streamline essential domestic supply chains and the production of critical inputs, such as an investment of $52 billion to bolster domestic semiconductor manufacturing. It would also create a fund to strengthen supply chain resilience and includes the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. MACNY also supports policies to advance and grow U.S. international trade and provisions that strengthen U.S. energy innovation leadership.

We stand with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the other leading industry and labor groups who call for quick completion of the conference committee’s work and passage of this vital legislation. Now is the time to go all-in on growing indispensable manufacturing here in the U.S. Without swift action, we will miss the opportunity to crystallize public support for U.S. manufacturing.

Join us in sending a letter of support to your congressional representatives, calling for swift passage of this crucial legislation. It includes the necessary funding to grow cutting-edge technology research and production here in New York and the U.S. Without this bipartisan support, we will continue to see delayed and overextended supply chains and shortages of critical sub-components such as semiconductor chips. This reduces our national and economic security. You can quickly and easily send a letter using our online tool by clicking here.

We all know just how vital manufacturing is to our community. Let’s strengthen it and address critical challenges. Together we can build the latest technology here in the U.S. Thanks for all you do to invest and grow in our communities.