We Will Have a New Governor and New Opportunities
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

I am excited about the future of manufacturing and technology in New York State. The series of events this week will help us capitalize on our regional and statewide opportunities. I welcome Lt. Governor Hochul as the incoming 57th Governor of New York and our first female Governor. I have worked with Kathy for her entire time as Lt. Governor in accomplishing essential outcomes, and she will be a steady hand to steer the ship into the future. I look forward to continuing to work with Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul when she becomes our Governor.

MACNY has valued our robust and longstanding relationship with the lieutenant governor. I am confident she will continue to serve as a champion for manufacturing and economic development initiatives statewide. As a Western New York native and active friend of manufacturing, leader of the Regional Economic Development Councils, with experience governing at all levels, she brings a great deal of knowledge and a unique understanding of the needs and issues facing manufacturers and the business community. I wish her and her team success as she assumes her new role as Governor.

I am sure that much will be written and said about Lt. Governor Hochul over the coming days and weeks. My personal experience is that she is gracious, thoughtful, and always ready to lend a hand in the challenges we face. She has demonstrated that she can be very effective in getting things done. At this moment, with our economic recovery underway, renewed threats of COVID, and manufacturing resurgence, we need her leadership more than ever.

Kathy will be the fifth governor I have worked with over my 20 years at MACNY. MACNY is committed to forging a solid relationship with her administration, as we have done with earlier administrations. We must continue our work with New York State as we advocate for pro-manufacturing and pro-business policies.

The MACNY team remains committed to our ever-increasing focus on helping our members find the talent they need to be successful. Our nationally recognized public-private partnership models will remain a top priority for creating apprenticeships and building pathways to manufacturing and technology careers. Our work in helping members find talent now begins in elementary school and extends through various levels of training and education.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, I am convinced that learning and skill development will never end. The latest technologies, products, and services will increase the need for investment in leadership development and strategic growth approaches. MACNY promises to be your partner on this exciting and yet challenging journey forward.