We are collecting nominations for our 2023 Manufacturers Wall of Fame and Innovator of the Year Awards!

Award recipients will be honored at MACNY’s 110th Annual Celebration of Manufacturing on May 11, 2023 at the SRC Arena & Events Center in Syracuse, NY.

All nominations must be submitted by February 13th.

Since 2001, MACNY has been honoring executive-level leaders in manufacturing that have displayed exceptional leadership while navigating through today’s complicated economic conditions. These leaders tend to share four key characteristics: They are humble, curious, caring, and dedicated.

Each year, awards are chosen by former Manufacturers Wall of Fame Inductees on criteria including revenue growth, capital investment, leadership, employee training programs, production quality, energy conservation, philanthropy, and any other factors contributing to growth and sustainability within a company or industry.

There are so many great leaders at the center of our member companies that continue to inspire the manufacturing sector.

All of our previous inductees can be found at www.macny.org/about/wall-of-fame/.




One of the many reasons our sector remains so strong is our ability to adapt and innovate. This, in part, is because of individuals within companies who use their abilities to adapt, and through forward thinking and ideas, help their companies thrive. Such examples of leaders within a company may include Operations Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Designers, or anyone within a company who has demonstrated their ability to innovate.

Because manufacturing depends on individuals who innovate, MACNY has decided to present an award each year to an individual who has demonstrated forward thinking in the areas of technology, innovation, and advancement of products and/or production.

The award recipient will be chosen by a panel of manufacturing executives based on criteria such as: revenue growth, product development, process development, employee training programs, production quality, productivity, energy conservation, and any other factors contributing to growth within a company or industry.

All of our previous inductees can be found at https://www.macny.org/about/innovator-of-the-year/