Our Reopening Continues Safely
Randy Wolken, President & CEO 

We are now in the fourth and final phase of the CNY Reopening. As a member of the CNY Control Group, I can confidently say that our metrics look good—which is very encouraging.

Just yesterday, MACNY members received an outstanding update on the COVID-19 pandemic presented by experts at SUNY Upstate. If we keep to our efforts, we can and will keep the virus under control, save lives, and continue our economic recovery.

However, Phase 4 of our reopening is the most delicate. It is where other states have stumbled and continue to falter. This week, 31 states are seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. In many cases, localities have not maintained social distancing, mask-wearing, and proper sanitation. An increasing number of individuals have contracted the disease and have spread it, typically unknowingly, to others. This has the possibility of overwhelming health care systems and has already increased the loss of life.

Also, in Phase 4 is the reopening of our schools and colleges. We need safe and effective plans so children, teachers, and administrators can get back to in-person instruction whenever possible. We will also need remote learning efforts at all levels of education to be successful.

Each of us must do our part to stay safe. As business and community leaders, we must work hard to maintain safety protocols and enforce them. Essential manufacturing and businesses have been open since the beginning – safely. The lessons learned are invaluable to how companies have remained open and safe. (To learn more about how manufacturers are doing this well visit our Keeping People Safe and Factories Running initiative webpage by clicking here.)

Together we can keep our economy open and our community safe. We absolutely must continue to stay open safely. We cannot afford another pause. If we should have an increase in cases, we will need to work to determine its cause and take corrective action. We must keep businesses open safely. We will need the entire community to accomplish this outcome. Seeing what I have seen so far, I know we can do this well.

Finally, thanks to you, our members, who have led the state and nation in safe business reopenings. We owe you our gratitude and appreciation.