10th grade P-TECH students took over the ITC cafeteria to work with their Career Coaches/Mentors on a design challenge. Students were paired with Career Coaches and competed in designing a roller coaster out of foam pipe insulation. The challenge was for a marble to travel the entire length of the coasters tracking the “slowest” time. The winning team, team 3, had a time of 21 seconds.

Melissa J. Menon, Talent/Community Engagement Manager for Darco Manufacturing had this to say about her experience at today’s event: “Just wanted to say that this morning’s activity with the P-TECH 10th graders was so much fun! I was very impressed with our lads, who had clearly spent time over the weekend researching and preparing for the challenge. Additionally, they all seemed to really love Physics, were curious, not afraid to try wacky ideas, and enjoyed experimenting! It was great to see the other groups engaged with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm –The mentors were all clearly having a blast, too. Good, positive momentum in the room. Thanks for all you are doing to make this program a success – its working!”

James Branche, Human Resources Manager for United Radio added this: “I totally agree with Mel! You could feel the excitement in the room and the kids were learning something in the process, even though they probably did not realize it. Such an honor to be a part of this PTECH program!”

Thank you to all our career coaches for attending this event:

Earl Barber- National Grid
James Branche- United Radio
Chad Casey- Ephesus Technologies
Joan Cooney -Allen Tool Phoenix
Mark Daily- United Radio
Wally Dengos-National Grid
Daniel Deland- Ephesus Technologies
Chris Delia-The Eraser Company
Kevin Devaney -SRC, Inc.
Mike Fabery- United Radio
Dan Figueroa -McIntosh Box & Pallet
Dan Herrling- SRCTec
Leah Isgar- C.R. Fletcher
Maxwell Krause- G.A. Braun
Dan Manwaring- WestRock
Mel Menon- DARCO Mfg.
Greg Miller -Liftech
Steven Rynkiewicz- Paperworks
Cori Rose Schroer- Ephesus Technologies
Jeff Shuster- Ephesus Technologies
Brian Smith- ICM Controls
Laura Snepenger -Sunoco
Barbara Stone -Crucible
Dave Welsh- G.A. Braun