This year the Auburn P-TECH program expanded industry visits to the 10th grade for the first time.  The Auburn 10th grade P-TECH program visited Upsco in Moravia on October 11th.  Upsco was a pioneer in the development of the prefabricated meter set for the natural gas industry.  They have also been supplying high quality products to New York, as well as, to New England and the Mid-West. Upsco showed the students many opportunities and certifications they had in welding and the different, as well as, other opportunities available at Upsco.  Students took a special interest in Upsco’s robotic welder and were shown the capabilities and the benefits of having a robot do the welding.  The students also saw the assembly, quality control, and their warehouse.

The P-TECH Students had many questions not only about the robot, but about what the future looked like for Upsco, what they were doing to prevent metal corrosion, and why Upsco was a good place to work?  Thank you Upsco for showing the Auburn P-TECH all the opportunities you have.