For the third year, PEB has coordinated unpaid summer internship opportunities for some of the P-TECH students who will be seniors this fall. Interested students and businesses elected to participate for a one, two, or three-week period that began on July 22nd. The commitment was for half-days in the mornings, Monday-Thursday.

Depending on the business they were hosted by, students participated in inventory control, equipment service checks, quality control, basic electrical assembly/wiring, CAD mechanical design, and data entry. These internships helped to provide P-TECH students with practical workforce applications of their studies and built professional relationships with companies that may employ them in the future.

Many thanks to our P-TECH business partners that participated: Anaren/TTM Technologies, Ephesus Lighting, G.A. Braun, Gear Motions, Precision Systems Mfg., Thompson & Johnson, United Radio and WestRock.