On May 3rd, 9th grade students from the Auburn P-TECH Program went on their last industry visit of the year to MACK Studios. This company is one of Auburn’s best kept secrets. MACK Studios is where artists, engineers, and craftsmen come together to make everything from in-store displays to hospitality displays for exhibits and trade shows. Students were shown some of the latest ideas in design and technology that are being used in the industry. Areas they visited included the design department, screen writing, fabrication, warehouse, powder coating, millwork, and laser cutting. The students paid special attention to the design department where ideas start with a sketch or drawing before moving to designing a blueprint and adding technology and color patterns to highlight the client’s product.

MACK Studios was proud to tell the students that most of the work was done in their facility in Auburn. This allows them to have a faster turnaround time and lessens the potential for costly delays going to outside vendors. The P-TECH students enjoyed talking with employees who shared that the technical skills they came to MACK Studios with have grown in skills and “know how” because of the variety of different projects that they work on. The students were shown some of MACK Studios clients’ displays such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Tesla, and Carrier. P-TECH students also learned that everyone has a part in making a project a success. Thank you, MACK Studios for a great industry visit!