When Do You Feed Your Creativity?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

When do you take the time to feed your creative side?  The daily grind often leaves little space for creativity. As a leader, you will need to be intentional about being creative. In today’s fast paced world, it cannot happen on its own.

Recently, I took a vacation and got away from the daily grind. For the first few days it was difficult to separate from my work. But as I let it go, I began to relax and enjoy my time away. This is a pattern that many leaders feel when they get away.  Throughout the first few days the brain desires the daily grind.  It is our daily habit.  It’s what we do.  Then, slowly, we begin to settle in to a more gentle rhythm.  We can find this rhythm that opens us up to what is possible – in the future – and not just now.

When we get away we give ourselves room to gain perspective. What seems critical while in the middle of the daily grind becomes less important and the strategic reemerges. Leaders are tasked with both the now and the future, but it’s the now that usually grabs the bulk of our attention. When we take time off, we can again assess what is truly strategic and vital to our team and our business.

Getting away and finding our better selves also reminds us that we need to do this on a routine basis even without talking large amounts of time off. How do we remain creative during the rush of the day-to-day? Like anything we want to get done – we need to schedule it and be intentional about it. If we pay attention, we begin to know where we can best gain perspective. Sometimes it is behind a closed door and some scheduled planning time.  Sometimes it is at the local coffee shop or at home in our favorite chair.  We can find this place and this space if we look for it and spend time actually using this space.

It all starts with recognizing we need it – and so do our businesses.  It continues when we encourage other leaders in our organization to take time off and seek to gain perspective also.  So, where do you find your creativity and inspiration? Where do you go to allow yourself to escape the daily grind and rejuvenate?  When will you do it next?  Will you encourage your team to do the same? There is no better time than now to plan you next “creativity session.”  You need it as a leader.  And, your business and your team need it from you.