Are you ready for the future?  Well, it’s now!
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

The largest present – and future – workforce is comprised of millennials. However, most organizations are completely unprepared for the tidal wave that is about to hit them.  Those who are will thrive.  Those who are not will stagnate or go out of business.  And, ironically, they won’t even know what hit them.  But, they could.  More than that, they could actually thrive by getting ahead of it.

Right now, boomers lead most of our organizations.  But, that is about to change.  There are just not enough boomers for all the leadership roles. Who is next up?  GenX and yes – millennials!  This scares most boomers who believe these next groups are not yet ready.  Well, it is happening now because boomers are retiring – and if we are ready to admit it – failing to lead in this era of rapid and radical change.  It has become critical to prepare the next generation of leaders and to give them the leadership roles now.  Our future depends on it.

Boomers – our current leaders – will need to take the initiative in this effort.  However, from what I see, they are not.  So why won’t they lead?  From my experience, they want to.  They just don’t know how.  But, they could.

Us boomers need to start today – not next week or next year – or next decade!  Now!  To do so is the most important leadership decision we as leaders will make.  Millennials will lead the way – and we need them to do so now.  They can lead our projects, our tech upgrades, our recruitment of new staff, and our most important new initiatives- today!  This requires us to mentor, listen, take risks, and learn.  As a boomer, and I am one, we learned differently.  We work differently. It was good for a while, but it is no longer effective.  We must continue to change or become obsolete.

So, what are you doing to prepare for millennial leadership in your company?  Have you hired outstanding millennials and promoted them into leadership roles?  Are they staying – or leaving?  Are you ready for the onslaught of millennial leaders that will change everything we know about business?  If not, it may be time.

If you are a millennial, are you prepared to lead in your organization?  What are you doing to be prepared? Do you know how to work with boomers so they can see just how valuable you truly are? As a millennial, you are the leader of the future – and now.  We need you to step up!

MACNY is helping our members hire, prepare, retain, and promote millennials into leadership roles.  We have done so at MACNY.  We are doing so with our members through our training, coaching, mentoring, HR services, and unique partnership with millennial thought leaders.  If you are interested, please contact Patty Clark at [email protected].  It may be the most important decision you make today!