Respect, Diversity and Manufacturing
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Respect, diversity, empathy, and fairness are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of our manufacturing community and its workforce—and I believe that we all need to stand with those who seek respect, fairness, and the right to equality of opportunity that our nation has promised to all its people.

At MACNY, we share the same sentiment stated by NAM CEO Jay Timmons: “This is not a time to sit back and wait for action from others. It’s not enough to say ‘this doesn’t concern me,’ or ‘this isn’t my job, my cause, my fight.’ The manufacturing community, and the larger business community—made up of people from every background, every race, every state and every neighborhood in the country—has a responsibility that is as urgent now as at any time when our nation seemed on the edge of destruction. We must be part of the solution—to end the polarization and division that routinely manifests in our country. We must bring our people together in common purpose, to strengthen the values that bind us together, to rebuild our communities, to reinstill faith in ourselves and to ensure that all of our citizens have a right to live safely and securely.”

Like so many, l long to see progress made in our country toward greater equality. How have the events of the last week made you feel? Have you set aside time to listen and learn from others? As a leader, what can you do to move forward for the better?

MACNY members have long taken the lead in our communities. We must continue to build workplaces and communities based on respect, diversity, empathy, fairness, and justice.