Season of Light
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Christmas and Holiday Times are seasons of light. Lights are everywhere and present in all the traditional faith celebrations. Light is a symbol of hope. Light helps us see our way forward. In our world today, there can be a lot to be anxious about. Whether it’s turbulent markets and global events or the stress of finishing our shopping and preparing festive meals, we can let ourselves get down and see darkness all around. As leaders in our organizations, it is our job to help shine the light.

Leaders have to be bringers of hope, grace, and opportunity. We have to shine the light on successes and areas of improvement. We need to light the way to future successes helping to push away doubt and darkness. We need to have light in our lives to be beacons for others. It’s one of the key elements of outstanding leadership – being a light for others.

I like to slow down this time of year to check-in on my ability to give light to others. I need to make sure I am prepared for another year of listening, learning, and leading. I need to refuel my commitment to my purpose and ignite it with rekindled passion. I need to spend time with those who give me hope, share insight, and help light my way. I need to reflect and plan for the next year. None of us can do this alone – we need our faith, family, friends, and community. This time of year, as we close 2018, is a good time for all of us to do this.

It’s a good time to reflect on the dark and light of our lives. During the Holidays (and after) we need to ask ourselves: Are we beacons of hope to others? Do we let our light shine through our optimism? Do we help others see the road ahead more clearly? Do we give them the assistance they need to be more successful? This time of year – the Season of Light – can be a good time to ask ourselves these critical questions.

One method I also use to increase my light is to reflect on the darkest days of my life. I remember, as if it was yesterday, when my youngest daughter, Rebecca, was seriously ill. It was the darkest time of my life. I remember the light that was brought into our lives by dear friends, family, and doctors that treated her. Now, completely healed, she is graduating from college this year. She is a miracle I get to see and be with now. When I look back and see how others were able to show me hope and light, it encourages me to do so for others in large and small ways. Someone will need my light today – even if I do not know it. Dark times teach us how to find light and be light for others. Can you think back to a time when the darkness was so deep and someone helped you find a light and a path forward? Try it – it can turn everyday woes into gratitude for what is. It can also make the simple moments with your team, family, and friends so meaningful. Darkness and light are always present – it is what we choose to live that will matter.

I wish you a blessed time as you close out your year. The team here at MACNY looks forward to serving you in 2019. We hope we can shine some light on your needs and offer you solutions in the coming year. Have a great Christmas and Holiday Season!